Sager Family Homes is dedicated to quality construction practices and ongoing customer care. If you have any questions about your new home, please feel free to reach our Customer Service team via phone.

For your own protection, accuracy, and the most efficient operation of Sager Family Homes, all non-emergency items must be submitted through ITK. We do not accept routine warranty items over the phone or through email.

Emergency Services

Please review before calling the emergency contacts listed below. The most common areas for an emergency warranty item are:

  • Plumbing – seeing or finding water where water should not be or loss of water
  • Roof leaks – please see the roof section of your homeowner manual.
  • Heating – total loss of heat, especially when it is 45 degrees or below outside
  • Electrical – smoke, burning from an outlet or panel, more than half your house has lost power, or you lose power and your neighbors have not lost power. *Be sure to check with the utility company as well
  • Gas leak – If you smell gas in or around your home, call Puget Sound Energy at (888) 225-5773.

If you experience anything that makes your home inhabitable, causes immediate damage, or could cause further damage to your home that would classify as an emergency:

1. Call our Warranty Manager, Angela Earp, at (253) 433-5571

2. Email warranty@sagerfamilyhomes.com

3. Call Sager Family Homes office (253) 537-2313 (Monday – Friday, 8:30 am – 4:30 pm)

We will get back to you ASAP. If you have water leaking, no power or no heat and you don't hear from us within a reasonable window of time, call the contractors below in case of a true emergency.

Rick The Plumber
(253) 847-7239

Weston Electric
(253) 864-7283

Steady Air
(360) 388-7448

How to report a warranty claim (non-emergency)

warranty@sagerfamilyhomes.com an email. Please add as much detail as you can, i.e. faucet drips in master bathroom, right side sink. Drips only when water is turned on. Include pictures or even videos.

The more information you can provide, the better. For non-emergency items, you should hear from a Sager Family Homes representative within 48 hours from the time an item is submitted. Typically, we will reach out for more information to better understand what is happening, why, and whether this needs to be addressed immediately or whether it can wait until your 30-day or 11-month walkthrough.

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